Page Update

Hello there!

Just a quick update, which will affect anyone subscribed or currently reading through the Awakening Chapters.

I have been finding some issues with the chapter lengths, which is making it difficult to tolerate the blog posts. So I’m going through and editing this one slightly, mainly just the lengths of the chapters. Where previously they have been 12-15 pages long (A4), I’m scaling them down to 5-8 pages (A4) and separating the chapters up. Hopefully this will make it less intimidating to read through. It will also let me update the chapters a little quicker, if all goes well.

If you are partway through these already, then apologies as I will be removing the original posts – for now they are marked as ARCHIVE so there will be no confusion. They will be phased out once the new chapters start to come out over the next week. The page with the full work will stay. You can find it here:

As I update the chapters, I will update the Awakening page, but not until the posts have caught up with the current available work.

Apologies also to my few subscribers; there will be a few more posts coming soon with content you have probably already seen. Please be patient with me.


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