Awakening – Chapter One

Kali heard the girl’s mother scream, but she didn’t slow. Scrambling up the screen and onto the top, she dove into the pool without hesitation. As she hit the water, she could hear her mother screaming something from the other end of the pool. Too far to get to the girl. At least, too far to reach her before the whales did.

Page Update

For anyone currently reading through Awakening, the original posts are going to be removed in favour of versions with shorter chapters. The full work will still be available on the Awakening Page (Writing Projects) in the meantime.

A name

I spent a long time thinking that I couldn’t talk about depression or anxiety. That I hadn’t suffered enough to have these conditions. That I must be weak to feel the way I do when so many people go through worse and come out better. Sometimes I still believe that.


I found out fairly recently about a condition called Aphantasia. According to the brief web search I did once I heard about it, it is characterized by an inability to voluntarily visualize mental imagery.


Memory is a strange concept to me. Science can tell us that our memories are malleable. Just look at eye witness testimony. There is a reason leading questions can be so dangerous in a courtroom or an investigation. It's like even your mind wants to please you by conjuring what you are looking for there.... Continue Reading →


I don't know where to start. I never do. Trying to work through my feelings and organise the chaos of my thoughts has never been my strong point. So I write. I ramble. When I can't pick out a train of thought to run with, I pick up my notebook and scribble my way through... Continue Reading →

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