My are fingers poised
Ready on the keyboard
I wait
And I wait
Soon, I know, the words will come
So I wait
I wait for inspiration to strike
I wait for a topic to spring to mind
It will happen on its own
Eventually, it will happen

Does that sound familiar?
Is it not the same outside my empty walls?
The world is burning around us
But we wait
We sit
And we wait
We wait for someone else to fix us
We wait for a sign that its over
For someone, somewhere, to act

We’re good at waiting
Where I’m from, we’re known for it
Standing in line
Writing a strongly worded letter
Passive shows of irritation
But never standing up
Never shouting from the rooftops that

We look to a higher power
In our leaders or in our gods
We look for a reason
Not to make a decision that matters
We hide from choices

We fought for equality
But we ignore it, twist it
We fought for free will
But we are too afraid to use it
We fought for a voice
But are too afraid to speak

There is power in words
There is power in standing together
When we unite, we are stronger
When we use our voice, we move mountains
Yet still, we wait
For anyone else
To take the first step

How long will we wait?
Until the forests are ash
Or until the wells are dry
Until the air we breathe
Is tainted with decay
Until thoughts of “Freedom” are lost
And scatter to the winds of time


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