Worldbuilding – Caretakers

The Scholar

Patron of scholars and mages. Head of the Academy at Gyntarekh – the academy is built around a ruined ancient/historical city. Knowledge, civilisation, books, keys, maps, and Arcane knowledge. The written word, and languages. History. Ruins.

Symbols: books, arcane symbols, keys, quill, ink bottle,

The Oracle

Divination, light, truth, insight, deserts, purification, the sun, devotion, pilgrimages. Sometimes appears as a mirage in the deserts. They are often dismissed later as a hallucination brought on by the heat. No one ever agrees on their form, but the most consistent description is that they are a being of pure light.

Symbols: the sun

The Courtesan

The Courtesan has many forms, and often appears in the one most attractive to the viewer. Beauty. Art. Music. Courtiers. Courtesans. Seduction. Wine. Gardens. Silver. Nobles. Courts. Brothels. The moon. Inspiration. Cats. Bards. Discretion. Secrets.

Symbols: musical instrument, the moon, cats, goblet, lips,

The Fool

The Fool most commonly appears as a jester, whose costume covers most of their defining features. A mask covers their face, and every inch of skin is covered. The mask’s expressions change frequently. Joy. Children. Fools. Dreamers. Stars. Potential. Aspirations. Jesters. Mischief. Gambling. Bargain. Enchantment.

Symbols: dice, stars,

The Crone

The Crone is an impossibly old woman, usually in a hut in the swamplands. The hut is never in the same place twice. Insects. Parasites. Illness. Healing. Comas. Sleep. Dreams and nightmares. Debilitations. Leeches. Vines. Snakes. Regeneration. Decay. Swamps and marshland.

Symbols: snakes, vines, locusts;

The Witness

The Witness dwells in The Silver Chain, a series of floating islands drifting above the continent of Lorien. He is always at the highest peak, keeping a watchful eye. He often takes the form of a great bird. Otherwise, his form varies in increments between a young human male and one of the Shalatyr (air Fae). Sky. Wind. Air. Weather. Storms. Birds. Flight. Wings. Freedom. Pride. Mountains and plateaus (where the earth strains to meet the sky).

Symbols: bird, wings, eye

The Artisan

Smithing. Building. Ore. Wood. Woodcutters. Masons. Miners. Craft. Horses and working animals. Leather and leather workers. Apprentices. Canyons and quarries.

Symbols: Anvil; cutting axe, pickaxe, horse/horseshoe, tools in general,

The Warrior

The Warrior always appears as a physically intimidating man. His race changes, as does his armour and weaponry, and he seems to reflect the most fearsome image the viewer has of a warrior. Soldiers. Mercenaries. Bandits. Anyone who makes a living by their weapon. Discipline. Weaponry. Armours. Tactics. Chain of command. Following orders. Honour. Victory. Metal. Rebellion.

Symbols: weapons (sword, axe, spear, and shield), helmet, flag,

The Hunter

Survival. Hunting. Hunters. Beasts. Tracking. Foraging. The natural order. Scavenging. Familiars. Conservation (use everything, no waste, preserve environment). Hunting trails. Traps. Observation/perception. Adaptability. Plains.

Symbols: beast skull of some kind, bows,

The Deceiver

Doors. Duplicity. Duality. Trickery. Discord. Spies. Betrayal. Assassins and thieves. Those who hide their true face or true nature. Disguises. Masks. Stealth.

Symbols: masks, doors, lockpicks

The Judge

Laws and rules. Justice. Guards and law enforcement. Tax. Civilisation. Cities. Time. Clocks. Clockwork. Order. Boundaries. Prisons and cages. Knights.

Symbols: scales, clock/hourglass,

The Traveller

Patron of travellers, merchants, and anyone without a home to call their own. Many thieves and beggars look to The Traveller for help and guidance. Caretaker of roads, literal and emotional/mental. If someone is starting on a new path, the Traveller will be their guide if they ask it of him. Rivers and lakes. Canals. Fish and fishermen. Bridges. Boats. Journeys.

Symbols: carriages, carts, boats, bridges,

The Gatekeeper

Death. Has various ferrymen who collect the souls of the dead and bring them to the Gate to pass into the Beyond. He can take on the face, memory, personality etc. of anyone that has passed through. Can act as a medium for the dead, and will grant this service to any who make the journey to the Gate and survive. It is a one way trip through the Gate, and this is out of his control. Once a spirit crosses over, it can never return.

Symbols: the Gate, archways,

The Seeker

Deep lands/underground. Warm. Earthy. Dark. Damp. Fungi. Tunnels. Moles. Burrowing creatures. Decomposition. Mazes. Bats. Caves. Dark spaces. Riches of the earth. Miners. Hidden wealth, hidden power. Hidden knowledge. Potential. Discovery. Explorers. Treasure hunters. Overcoming or facing your fears. Alchemy. Kazcedar.

Symbols: phial, shovel, archaeology tools, alchemical symbols

The Weaver

Spider-woman. She is the patron of farmers and weavers. Lives in and cares for the jungles of the world normally (smaller human continent is quite tropical so she frequents it). She is also the patron of widows and independent women. Spiders. Venom, poisons, antitoxins, and antidotes.

Symbols: spiders, webs,

The Mother

Marriage/bonding. Hearth. Family. Contracts/covenants/pacts. Ceremonies. Parental love. Homes.

Symbols: rings, circles,


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