Worldbuilding – Caretakers

After the gods retreated, there was a power void which certain other beings decided to fill. They call themselves Caretakers, and they are second in power only to the gods themselves.

Awakening – Chapter Twenty

Kali could never compare. Suddenly, she realised what other demigods felt when they watched the Heroes fighting. She would never be at her level. The sophisticated grace, the vibrant glittering eyes, the lustrous hair. Everything about her was sculpted for perfection.

Awakening – Chapter Nineteen

Kali watched the way the light flickered, entranced by the dancing flame. The darkness around them only enhanced the glowing white core of the fire. “A small flame in the dark can be brighter than the sun.”

Forget me not

My greatest fear is simple, I’m sure you’ll understand, To leave no mark upon the world, No footprints on the land...

The Moon Dragon – Prologue

There was a bite to the air I hadn’t felt in five years, and it took me several moments to remember what that meant. It finally came to me as I watched another breath form as mist in front of me. Winter?


I live in a dollhouse, I have all I need, They keep me inside, So they can't lose me. They painted the walls, In the colours they like, They didn't ask, But I guess I don't mind...

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