All Chapter Links: Awakening

Prologue: A Long Forgotten Dream

Chapter One: A Normal Day?

Chapter Two: Secrets

Chapter Three: The God of Death

Chapter Four: Lies

Chapter Five: The God of War

Chapter Six: A Decision

Chapter Seven: The God of Travelers

Chapter Eight: To Camelot

Chapter Nine: The Round Table

Chapter Ten: An Old Friend

Chapter Eleven: Assessments

Chapter Twelve: Friends and Enemies

Chapter Thirteen: First Day

Chapter Fourteen: A Long Day

Chapter Fifteen: Gifts from the Gods

Chapter Sixteen: Heroes

Chapter Seventeen: To The Rescue

Chapter Eighteen: Fire

Chapter Nineteen: Peace

Chapter Twenty: New Normal

Chapter Twenty One: Threats

Chapter Twenty Two: Aftereffects

Chapter Twenty Three: Water

Chapter Twenty Four: Birthday

Chapter Twenty Five: Balance

Chapter Twenty Six: Out of the Shadows

Chapter Twenty Seven: Escape and Evade

Chapter Twenty Eight: Choices

Chapter Twenty Nine: A Good Teacher

Chapter Thirty: Rumours

Chapter Thirty One: First Date

Chapter Thirty Two: The God of the Sea

Chapter Thirty Three: Simple Questions

Chapter Thirty Four: An Awakening

Chapter Thirty Five: What Remains

Chapter Thirty Six: Apologies

Chapter Thirty Seven: Shopping

Chapter Thirty Eight: The Stargazer

Chapter Thirty Nine: Imprisoned

Chapter Forty: Fear

Chapter Forty One: Monsters

Chapter Forty Two: To Kill A Goddess

Epilogue: She Has Woken


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