Awakening – Chapter Twenty Four

Taking it all in, Kali was overwhelmed. Tears sprung to her eyes and she bit the inside of her lip to keep it from wobbling. Carl was closest to her so he got the first hug, then she made her way around the room. Tom was last, a big bear hug that told her he knew. He understood.

Awakening – Chapter Twenty Three

As Kali stared into the unfathomable depths, the world around her slipped into grey. The colour fell out of her, leaving her shivering and numb. Like her life was seeping out of her along with the vivid hues. Scattered echoes whispered around her, formless and alien.

Awakening – Chapter Twenty Two

"I can’t keep pretending I’m not in love with you.” As the words snuck past her guard, she knew they were the truest words she had spoken. She laughed inwardly at the absurdity of it. She loved him.

Awakening – Chapter Twenty

Kali could never compare. Suddenly, she realised what other demigods felt when they watched the Heroes fighting. She would never be at her level. The sophisticated grace, the vibrant glittering eyes, the lustrous hair. Everything about her was sculpted for perfection.

Awakening – Chapter Nineteen

Kali watched the way the light flickered, entranced by the dancing flame. The darkness around them only enhanced the glowing white core of the fire. “A small flame in the dark can be brighter than the sun.”

Awakening – Chapter Sixteen

The evening sun danced through the canopy. The fallen leaves glittered in the golden light, and Kali was captivated. She had never spent much time around nature, but she had already fallen in love by the time they reached the small glade.

Awakening – Chapter Fifteen

Kali did not move; waiting for her sight to adjust; she still feared the consuming darkness. She had seen what lurked in the shadows, waiting for prey, once before and she did not want to encounter that particular beast. Not even in her dreams.

Awakening – Chapter Fourteen

Even though she was nursing a headache, Kali was smiling. She always loved a challenge, she liked having to struggle to keep up. Demeter had made no allowances for any of them and rushed through at top speed.

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