Awakening – Chapter Six

While she packed, her mind drifted over everything that had happened. Everything she could remember was shifting in her mind now that she knew the truth. Memories she had convinced herself were dreams. Things that had been explained away as an overactive imagination.

Awakening – Chapter Five

After an agonising second, she whispered “I have had a really bad day.” "So, let me make it better.” He said simply, with the same infuriating smile. Kali hesitated; she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know what she wanted. Her eyes darted to Ares’ lips of their own accord, and he moved in with a smirk.

Awakening – Chapter Four

When her mind was finally silent, and the music changed to something calmer, Kali dropped. On her hands and knees, she shook under the crushing weight of reality crashing back into her. Sweat covered her and the chill of the air almost stung now that she was still.

Awakening – Chapter Three

A finger brushed her forehead gently, and a weight lifted from her shoulders. Kali could feel her breathing even out slightly, and warmth eased back into her limbs. She hadn’t realised that she had been trembling until the shivers ceased.

Awakening – Chapter Two

There was a silence and Kali considered moving closer again, but she was still reeling from the knowledge that this man was her father. She had known, of course, when she saw his eyes but…she had been told that her father had died when she was very young. Locked up in her own thoughts, she almost missed his quiet reply.

Awakening – Chapter One

Kali heard the girl’s mother scream, but she didn’t slow. Scrambling up the screen and onto the top, she dove into the pool without hesitation. As she hit the water, she could hear her mother screaming something from the other end of the pool. Too far to get to the girl. At least, too far to reach her before the whales did.

Awakening – Prologue

Too late, she echoed. Her fear of the unknown fate that lay beyond begged her to flee. But she had chosen this. Her short life had been full, and yet empty. The cold ache in her chest was not from the water; she had known it all her life.

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