A Step Forward?

I needed a changeTo try something newAnd I thought I would share itWith all of you My next quest is differentMaybe quite strangeAt least when I'm usually Words on a page I want to build somethingWith my own two handsTangible, realPerhaps even grand I have long fearedTrying my bestPutting in more effortWorking harder for less... Continue Reading →

Forget me not

My greatest fear is simple, I’m sure you’ll understand, To leave no mark upon the world, No footprints on the land...


I live in a dollhouse, I have all I need, They keep me inside, So they can't lose me. They painted the walls, In the colours they like, They didn't ask, But I guess I don't mind...


Distractions sing their siren songs, drawing me away, I tell myself I’m waiting for inspiration, Saying I need to refuel, Too many excuses ready on my tongue

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