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I welcome you to come along with me as I explore the person I became while I was looking the other way. This is a safe place to celebrate creativity: you can expect new chapters from my various fantasy fiction writing projects, discussions about mental health, and random posts on things that matter to me. I hope you can find something worth your time in these pages.

Everything in these pages in my intellectual property. I’m happy for anyone to share, but please credit and link back to these pages. If you’re ever inspired to create something based on my characters or worlds, nothing would make me happier. Please make sure to share with me via this website or any of my social media links:

Writing Projects:

If you’re interested in reading some stories, the first chapters of my current Works In Progress can be found below. “Awakening” is completed, and “Becoming” is its sequel, so best to read them in order. I’d love to hear any thoughts in the comments; I try to prioritise chapter releases based on your interest.

Ossian – Prologue

As always, she hesitated as she touched the blade to her hand. She was purposely avoiding looking at the Faceless but their laughter was ringing through the air, raising the hair on the back of her neck. They were toying with her, she knew.

Iron and Bone – Chapter One

His fear spiked her blood, and she quickened her pace with a grin. Wolves lived to hunt, and she had developed a taste for it. But the thrill settled as she turned into the larger series of tunnels that were ruled by The Shroud. Followers of The Deceiver, the Caretaker of assassins and thieves.

Awakening – Prologue

Too late, she echoed. Her fear of the unknown fate that lay beyond begged her to flee. But she had chosen this. Her short life had been full, and yet empty. The cold ache in her chest was not from the water; she had known it all her life.

Becoming – Chapter One

Hades buried his face in his hands as he relived it again. Eris’ ashes were still glowing white hot when he arrived, and it didn’t take a genius to see that Kali had been responsible. Especially when she was still plummeting from the sky.

The Moon Dragon – Prologue

There was a bite to the air I hadn’t felt in five years, and it took me several moments to remember what that meant. It finally came to me as I watched another breath form as mist in front of me. Winter?

Mental Health:

I typically have a lot to say about Mental Health Awareness. If that’s more your speed, here are some of my recommended Mental Health posts:

Autism Talk

Aside from anything and everything to do with my family, writing is the thing I love to do most in the world. I love the worlds I build, I love meeting my characters, and I guess I love that I can have some element of safety and control in my…

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World Suicide Prevention Day

share the things I do to help me feel hopeful when I’m going through a difficult time. I find it especially difficult to reach out to friends or family, or to do much of anything, on the low days. So these are mostly low effort activities you can do by…

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There is something very empowering about acknowledging that you have a choice. You can’t control what happens in the world around you. What you can do is control how you respond. You can dictate how to deal with the situations you find yourself in.

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Autism Pride Day

The aim of Autistic Pride Day is to change the perception of autistic people so they are not seen as people requiring treatment, but as unique individuals, just like everyone else.

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The Blog Reel:

If you’d rather scroll through my posts by yourself, then turn your attention to my Latest Posts here: https://onyxshortclawegdr.com/latest-posts/. The most recent ones are below:

Gods of Forlarion: Basic Overview

Most sentient species’, regardless of affiliation, pay homage in some form or another to at least one of the Gods. The facts and details have faded over time, but there is no doubt that they banished the Daemons that threatened to destroy all life, and they rebuilt the world. Even those that do not pray…

I hope you find something of value in these pages. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone, and writing is the only thing that kept me moving through furlough and then redundancy. I love when viewers contact me with feedback and ideas of what they’d like to see. My contact page is always open.

Stay safe. Keep writing.


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