Gods of Forlarion: Basic Overview

Most sentient species’, regardless of affiliation, pay homage in some form or another to at least one of the Gods. The facts and details have faded over time, but there is no doubt that they banished the Daemons that threatened to destroy all life, and they rebuilt the world. Even those that do not pray for help and advice will give thanks and pay their respects.

The most well-known and celebrated of the gods are:

  • Eldrihk: cleansing fire (dragons), sky (storms), chaos
  • Féramyll: oceans (water, ice, water dragons), preservation (rebuilding), order
  • T’laena: light (hope), truth (clear sight), beauty
  • Naer’gan: tricks (mischief, games), secrets (lies), darkness (shadows, stealth)
  • M’thaelyn: hunting, wilderness, natural order
  • Vilnaeïr: blood, betrayal, death
  • Gunthaewylen: war (warriors), sword (attack), honour (glory)
  • Jentok’r: smithing, beasts of burden (working animals, steeds), shield (protection of yourself and others)
  • Anorâlm: connections (family ties, love), potential, motivation
  • Heq’ra: time (change), healing (regeneration), childhood (innocence)
  • Kyron: journeys (safe passage, travellers), prosperity, wealth

M’thaelyn and Naer’gan were originally separate from the other gods. Not of the same race, but another primordial/Elder race that was lost to time. Their people were among those destroyed by the Daemons. The two of them were the only survivors, as they had been hidden. Naer’gan was cloaked in the night as an infant (giving him his affinity) and M’thaelyn hid himself in the wilderness; he was just about old enough to fend for himself. When the immediate danger had passed, he freed his brother from his slumber. They soon discovered that all but the two of them had perished.

Eldrihk and Féramyll were responsible for finally turning the tide on the Daemons, and then eventually banishing them, but they were too late to save either race. Many were wiped out by the Daemons in the meantime. Only a few of Eldrihk’s family/clan remained and they (along with M’thaelyn and Naer’gan) remained the most powerful beings bar far of all that came after. They rebuilt the world before retreating from it for the good of all, giving them their place as Gods.

The Gods are also believed by many to be responsible for the magic in the world. There are records of them each having their own abilities, which seem mirrored in the different kinds of magic that can be learnt and mastered.

Each God has a temple and various shrines. Disciples and followers of the respective Gods bring offerings. The High Priest or Priestess is always a devout follower and gifted magic in their God’s associated magic type/discipline. Major temples are often towns, or cities, in their own right.

Not everyone follows the same religion. Even though the existence (and history) of the Gods is treated as fact, many of the younger races don’t follow them directly. After the Gods retreated, there was a power vacuum which certain beings rose to fill. They called themselves Caretakes, and they did much to rebuild after the dust cleared. Caretakers are second in power only to the Gods. Humans, among others, favour worshipping the Caretakers because of their physical presence in the world.

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