Writing Projects

Working Titles:

Iron and Bone (Tales of Forlarion)

Catryn, a reclusive mercenary by the name of Wolf, makes a living in the ancient Ungarhek fortress of Mar’Kshinta. The mountainous city offers many challenges, and great dangers lay in wait in unexpected places.

Scion of Chaos (Tales of Forlarion)

Elena has no memory, no family, and no possessions save a threadbare dress and a shattered set of manacles enchanted with banishing magic. Found by simple villagers in the kingdom of Jenoth, she tries to forge a life alongside them. But Fate, it seems, has other plans for her.

The Moon Dragon (The Convergence Series)

After the sky burned, and the moon fell, things were never the same. Tahlia had missed the hundred or so years that had followed the Convergence. She had seen the sky tear open, and fell through a rift between the worlds. When she finally clawed her way home, the world that greeted her was not the one she knew.

The Dawn Embassy (The Convergence Series)

Almost a century ago, the infernal planes of Hell and the awakened forests of the Fae had ripped through the mortal realms and left them changed. Though the barriers eventually reformed, demons and ethereal beings that belonged only in storybooks were stranded amongst humans. The transition went as well as could be expected, and relations were strenuous. When the wars were lost, and the blood had dried, every race acknowledged the requirement for a mediator. And so, the embassies were formed.

Awakening (Eklektos Series)

Kali always loved the stories of great heroes and gods of Greek Mythology. But when she is thrown into their world and finds out that she isn’t even human, she must learn to adjust. The constant advances of the Olympians don’t help, but there is a larger plot they must all face, and more falls upon Kali’s shoulders than she could ever have expected.


In a world with little place for humans, they have carved their path and their place. Yet the gods they held dear are little help as the world crumbles around them. The seven above have turned their gaze elsewhere, and the seven below are missing. It is up to Wren to find them before her time runs out and the world is consumed.

//Campaign (Tales of Forlarion)

(details pending)

If any of these grab your attention, I’d love to hear from you. I always have a lot of projects ongoing so I’ll use any interest to prioritise which to update next. Leave a comment, use the Contact page, or just Like the chapters you enjoy; I’m sure I’ll take the hint.


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